Lowongan PT. Gemilang Cipta Nusantara (PT. RAPP) Juni 2016

Lowongan PT. Gemilang Cipta Nusantara (PT. RAPP) Juni 2016 - PT. Gemilang Cipta Nusantara adalah subsidiary PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper group APRIL. PT Gemilang Cipta Nusantara is located in Kabupaten Pelalawan, Provinsi Riau, is seeking qualified internal candiated to fill the position :

1. Assisten PA, Admin, Store, Housing

Qualificication :
- Min. graduated from Diploma (D3) 
- Possess min. 2 - 3 years experience in administrative support capacity

Job Description :
- Provides daily administrative support and services, provides and creative information and/or documentation, provides support for ongoing common services program activities, responds to service requests from clients and performs other duties as required.
- Make daily and monthly report about the contract and amprahan received
- Monitor and handle data in SAP MM and contract and any administration issue
- Monitor and maintain estate assets including housing, infrastructures and other facilities
- Provide support for all administrative matters including personal employee administration, office administration, etc

2. Data Base Analyst

Qualifications :
- Graduate education from technical, forestry, statistics, biology or Senior High School min. 6 years experience in forest planning, forest survey, conservation and forestry field

Job Description :
- Compile data and information in the form of biophysical, biodiversity and social
- Documenting all activities of operation restoration
- Analysis of survey and monitoring data
- Reporting data analysis by approach modelling statistics

3. Planning Statutory

Qualifications :
- Graduate education from forestry, agriculture, biology or Senior High School min. 6 years experience in forest planning, forest survey, conservation and forestry field

Job Description :
- Conducting forest survey for the provision of data preparation of annual work plan document (RKT)
- Monitoring operation activities base on the annual plan document and prepare monthly progress report to relevant agencies
- Reviewing all regulations related to operation activities ecosystem restoration
- Ensure all ecosystem restoration activities run in accordance with applicable regulations

4. GIS Analyst

Qualifications :
- Bachelor degree from any discipline science preferable graduate from forestry, geography
- Senior High School min. 5 years experience in GIS

Jobs Description :
- Plan and fully support for all operational RE activities including forest survey, forest inventory and forest mapping
- Plan and lead forest management plan to be demarcate and plotted in accordance with annual plan
- Establish Block and Zone delineation
- Plan and lead boundary concession demarcation establishment
- Regularly maintain and monitor boundary concession demarcation area
- Support and give assistant to Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Scheme and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) that developed with the consultant

5. IMS Head

Qualifications :
- Bachelor degree fro discipline science preferable graduate from any discipline science preferable graduate from forestry and agriculture
- 5 years experience preferable in forestry or agriculture

Job Description :
- Establish IMS/ integrated mangement system for all RER operation with develop system management, and RER procedure/ work instruction
- Ensure IMS is socialize to relevant employees
- Training and socialize of mandatory and or voluntary certification needed for RER, identify gaps and implement corrective action
- Support RER strategy to achieve ISO and FSC certification, CCB and or VCS certification
- Manager (acquire, assess for applicable) legal and others regulation that applicable for RER operational and share to RER operational to ensure compliance
- Lead audit process to RER to ensure IMS is implemented
- Report to management on progress and problem associated with implement and maintain of IMS for RER in regularly basis

6. ECO Restoration Regional Manager

Qualifications :
- Bachelor degree preferable graduate from Forestry
- 15 year experience preferable in forestry or agriculture

Job Description :
- Plan, organize and manage the forest protection and restoration program
- Responsible ensure all estate Restoration Ecosystem activities including material, transport, contract, personnel, etc are well running
- Establish restoration, plantation and maintenance activities to achieve annual target with best quality restoration
- Establish preparedness, awareness and efficient response to minimize forest disturbance from forest fire and illegal activity
- Ensure environmental management and monitoring plan is carried out properly
- Coordinate and liaise with SSL to solve environmental and social dispute
- Establish and maintain all estate assets including office, infrastructure, furniture, tools, etc
- Ensure all administration process is properly managed including payment, contract, CAPEX, personnel admin, etc
- Ensure weekly & monthly report and others report are properly prepare and submitted
- Able to carry heavy loads, work long hour and continue to make good decisions under physical and mental pressure

For anybody who is qualified and interested, please submit your application letter, approval from your superior, and CV to : beti@aprilasia.com

Opening and Closing Dates : 27th May 2016 - 10th June 2016
Sumber : Repost from Sahabat RAPP, 28 Mei 2016